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The main member is Bertus Fourie, a SACNASP registered Professional Natural Scientist in the field of Ecology. See his work experience here. We are a multifaceted team of connected specialists to ensure that we provide a full range of services to our clients. Our core functions are aquatic ecosystem with a focus on terrestrial components. We are up to date with the newest biodiversity regulations and can advise on all aspects of authorisations processes. Water use licenses are a big part of our company processes and we are adequately qualified and equipped to resolve any issues arising during the application process.

The monitoring of construction related impacts as required by environment authorisations and compliance monitoring are part and parcel of our daily activities. We can advise on correct mythologies and application time periods. We are also SASS 5 accredited and biomonitoring can easily be done in house. Compliance to authorisations including water use licenses through a basic auditing process are at our core of monitoring.

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